Anabolicminds chaos and pain

Chaos and Pain began as a tiny blog stuffed into a dusty, long forgotten corner of the internet, a minor bit of esoterica awash in a sea of mediocre writing, unoriginal thought, and oft-regurgitated dogma. The progenitor of the blog, Jamie Lewis, and his occasional training partner, Wayne Banks, decided one day that the Chaos and Pain training style (high volume, high frequency, haphazard and teeth-gnashingly aggressive) would play well into supplements. Jamie had been making his own fat burners for years, and the market has been dying for hyper-extreme, yet legal alternatives to the industry standard. Thus, the two forged a business partnership to bring Jamie's vision for the supplement future to market.

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Max James is a ten year . Army veteran with a penchant for violence, and has since trained privately with both civilians and law enforcement. Hell bent on eliminating weakness from the inside out, he has been lifting for over fifteen years and refuses to let go of the bar, even in the face of chronic back complications. No stranger to MMA, Max has an extensive background in all manner of hand to hand combat and is virtually a library of grappling experience. Moving forward Max continues to integrate weapons into his fighting—from training with the Dog Brothers to Shivworks combative and earning certifications in Kali and Pencak Silat, he is not a man to be taken lightly. Known across social media for his in-depth training logs, prominently featuring artwork inspired by warrior and barbarian culture, Max seeks to make himself into a living Conan, fit for the pages of Robert E. Howard himself. Max is as much of a terror outside the gym as he is in, as a lifetime devotee to horror films, black metal, and the occult.

Anabolicminds chaos and pain

anabolicminds chaos and pain


anabolicminds chaos and painanabolicminds chaos and painanabolicminds chaos and painanabolicminds chaos and painanabolicminds chaos and pain