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Your Blog is absolutely awesome, it really helps people to break out of the brainwashing fitness-/ youtube-industry! Photoshop-Look is steroids, always! I’ve been on roids myself and I can tell you the difference between juiced and natural firsthand. You can get a decent physique while being natural, training and eating properly while maintaining low bodyfat%, but one can NEVER EVER become ripped AND looking full muscled naturally, neither with taking creatine nor with taking proteinpowder-garbage. Stay Clean! Spread the THRUTH!

Quercetin has been studied in basic research and small clinical trials . [31] [32] [33] While quercetin supplements have been promoted for the treatment of cancer and various other diseases, [34] there is no evidence that quercetin (via supplements or in food) is useful to treat cancer [35] or any disease. [31] [36] The US FDA has issued warning letters to emphasize that quercetin is neither a defined nutrient nor an antioxidant, cannot be assigned a dietary content level , and is not regulated as a drug to treat any human disease. [37] [38]

The most astonishing thing in his autopsy. He had atherosclerosis at 26. Plaque in his arteries at 26. Left ventricle changes happen to any strength athletes who ignores the importance of slow steady state cardio. A balance between eccentric hypertrophy and concentric hypertrophy of the heart is also reversible if you stop lifting (and juicing) for 6+ months. But significant plaque buildup shows he had long term chronic arterial inflammation. At 26! Fluid in the lungs occurs in most cardiac arrest cases, Liver fibrosis also pretty shocking at 26. In the end I don’t think it was the drugs as much as he was not suited for the diet he consumed IMHO. Chronic inflammatory response is almost always diet related.

Gnc store steroids

gnc store steroids


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