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Rick Bowmer / Associated Press Akron's Butch Reynolds, shown here at the Olympic Trials in 1996, was with inner-city youths with other track stars at Jesse Owens Stadium in Columbus. COLUMBUS, Ohio — Butch Reynolds ran across the pain threshold into almost unimaginable agony in smashing the world record in the 400 meters a generation ago in Zurich, Switzerland. Afterward, he nearly collapsed.

"You did it!" said Jeff Reynolds, a world-class quarter-miler in his own right, as his embrace kept his older brother from falling.

"I had chased that record for a long time," said Butch Reynolds, 46, of his landmark 1988 performance, which came only a few weeks before the Seoul Olympics. "But I was in so much pain, I didn't care if I set the world record or not. I just wanted to sit down."

Hoban football steroids

hoban football steroids