Lipoma treatment steroid injections

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In many cases, lipomas may be so small that they do not require treatment. Because of their benign nature, there is no danger in an untreated lipoma. However, once a lipoma begins to get larger, it can become an unsightly burden. Further, there is always a small but finite risk that benign lipomas may change to a cancerous growth over time. One of the first indications of this is a sudden, rapid increase in size. The only way to definitively diagnose this is to remove the mass and have a pathologist look at it under the microscope. Other symptoms may become present, requiring treatment. Such symptoms include:

Lipoma treatment steroid injections

lipoma treatment steroid injections


lipoma treatment steroid injectionslipoma treatment steroid injectionslipoma treatment steroid injectionslipoma treatment steroid injectionslipoma treatment steroid injections