Pork rinds anabolic diet

Paleo nutrition is a back to basics type nutritional plan. The idea here is that the foods we ate a thousand years ago are healthier than those we are eating today, and who can argue with that? Certainly not me! What that means is more of a hunter-gatherer type diet, as we understand it. More protein and less carbs. The carbs eaten in the paleo nutrition plan are non-starchy vegetables that would have been around for the picking rather than cultivated grains and roots like wheat and potatos. Some things that are never eaten in a paleo type nutritional plan are dairy products, grains, legumes, and anything that is processed – that can be oils, sugars, or anything else. If it wasnt just alive, or it wasnt just picked then its NOT paleo. If it came in a box, bottle, or plastic wrapper, its not paleo. If its square, round, or cube shaped, its not paleo. You get the idea. A lot of people are trying to make a buck off the paleo craze by making ridiculous things like “paleo cookies”, lol! Paleo means unprocessed and many medical professionals acknowledge that eating unprocessed foods is key to health. In the paleo meal plans, its important to mind the quality of the meat. Modern agri-business produced meats in America are full of antibiotics, hormones, and the animals have been cross-bred beyond recognizability to a 19th century farmer. Stick to grass fed, free range, organic meats.

A recent study found that ketone supplementation extended survival in mice with metastatic cancer. But while it’s true that most cancers have a highly anaerobic metabolism, this in not universal. If proven to be effective, it’s likely that ketone supplementation would be an additional treatment rather than a stand alone treatment for cancer, because of its robust nature.

For now, almost no studies on ketone supplementation have used human clinical trials. So if anyone tells you that ketone supplementation is a miracle cure, ask if you can get some for your pet rat… if it’s the right kind of rat.  Will ketosis help me? Ketogenesis and ketosis are easy to study.

Pork rinds anabolic diet

pork rinds anabolic diet