Pro wrestlers on steroids

Then shockingly, it took a turn for the surreal. Ms. Elizabeth was found dead in their townhouse in Marietta, Georgia on May 1st, 2003. She had overdosed on a mixture of steroids, hydrocodone, testosterone, alprazolam (a drug used to treat anxiety disorders) and Vodka. While Ms. Elizabeth’s death was ruled accidental, Luger was charged on 14 drug possession counts and was featured on the news around the country. Luger pleaded guilty on February 3rd, 2005. He was sentenced to five-years probation with random drug testing and forced to pay a $1,000 fine.

At this point it should be clear that John Cena is amazing at his job. Over the past year he’s dug out his worker boots and had excellent matches with people like Seth Rollins, Cesaro, . Styles, and Kevin Owens, and before that he was working bloated, mass-marketed epics with The Rock. Cena is still better on the mic than anyone in the company, and capable of turning into a parody of himself in Trainwreck, and a genuinely surreal character on Total Divas . He’s a monster heel and a white-meat babyface at the same time. If you don’t think John Cena is in the Pantheon, you’ve been wrong for a long, long time.

Kayfabe is not as important today. Pro wrestling is more or less open about the fact that the stories and plots are predetermined. They rely on the fans' willing acceptance and desire to be entertained by the stories, but wrestling performers still need to stay in character during a match. When a wrestler breaks kayfabe, it is a shoot . A shoot can be a match where the wrestlers get angry and actually fight each other instead of using the choreographed moves. It can also happen when someone accidentally uses another performer's real name, or when behind-the-scenes events spill into the ring.

Pro wrestlers on steroids

pro wrestlers on steroids


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