Rock admits to steroids

According to Hunter's 2004 testimony before a federal grand jury, Jones's use of banned drugs began well before Sydney. [23] Hunter told the investigators that Jones first obtained EPO (Erythropoietin) from Graham, who Hunter said had a Mexican connection for the drug. Later, Hunter said, Graham met Conte, who began providing the coach with BALCO "nutritional supplements", which were actually an experimental class of "designer" steroids said to be undetectable by any drug screening procedures available at the time. Graham then distributed the performance enhancers to Jones and other Sprint Capitol athletes. Still later, Hunter told federal agents, Jones began receiving drugs directly from Conte.

With the big day finally behind them, the pair are headed for a 10-day honeymoon to Dubai (“We wanted something exotic, romantic and interesting culturally,” says Star). Then what? “We are going day by day, just loving each other,” she says. “Our plan is to start to take back a bit of our privacy.” And perhaps to exchange the grand Cinderella style for something a little more practical. “The wedding was for the 8-year-old in me,” says Star, “but the marriage is for the woman I have become.”

Rock admits to steroids

rock admits to steroids


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