Rsv treatment steroids

However, palivizumab (brand name Synagis manufactured by MedImmune ), a moderately effective prophylactic drug, is available for infants at high risk. Palivizumab is a monoclonal antibody directed against RSV surface fusion protein . It is given by monthly injections, which are begun just prior to the RSV season and are usually continued for five months. HRSV prophylaxis is indicated for infants that are premature or have either cardiac or lung disease, but the cost of prevention limits use in many parts of the world. [ medical citation needed ]

Hi, I just git over a month bout with swine flu, I was healthy feeling for about one week then ended up with a severe sore throat, bad headache that lasts for days, tight head, stuffy nose, chest congestion. I just finished a 10 day cycle of 2 antibiotics about 2 weeks ago. This new sickness has been going on for 9 days now, my throat, headaches etc…have subsided to be minor & manageable, but for the last 3 days I am up all night coughing really hard for hours & hours & about every 10-20 seconds. It is brought on at the end of my breathing in & the end of my breathing out. Once I get to the end of my breaths I have this very urgent feeling to cough (its an irritated, itch feeling) I am keeping my family awake & actually occasionally throw up while coughing so hard. We just moved from the city to the country a few months ago, the air is very dry feeling, I have about 5+ acres of scotch broom right next to my house (we have a guy in the process of cutting it all down) Ive never known myself to have allergies & actually grew up on a ranch with many acres of scotch with no symptoms. I just turned 29 & yes I do smoke & have been for about 14yrs. I am quitting & have no desire to smoke anymore. I dont drink. I know I have some sorta sickness (probably viral) without having to go to an expensive doctor is there any common store bought product thats I can get that will relieve this annoying irritation & itch. My family & I need sleep & this is affecting my days as I have to stay home because the coughing is too often & too much. Thanks for reading this & thanks in advance for your help!

Rsv treatment steroids

rsv treatment steroids


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