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No one can deny the appeal of a delicious burger, no matter your dietary requirements. But in terms of outdoor barbecue fare, its composition is a double-edged sword. Hot dogs are the superior barbecue food thanks to the even delivery of both bread, beef, and condiments, all while using a single hand. You might not think it’s that big a deal, but when you’re walking around the park, beer in one hand, dog in the other, enjoying the beautiful weekend you’ve been waiting for all summer long, the answer will be undeniable. Throw a burger on the grill, for sure, but save a dog or two for me.

Booster recently raised $20 million in a Series B funding round, per TechCrunch , which has brought the company’s total funding to some $32 million. CEO Frank Mycroft told TechCrunch the service is “reinventing the concept and habit of getting gas for the 21st century,” describing going to the gas station as the “least fun thing in the week.” In practice, that means the company has partnered with tech giants including “Cisco, Oracle and Facebook” to have the trucks stop by on a regular basis and refill employees’ tanks while they are busy ensuring our dystopian future.

Tbooster vs steroids

t booster vs steroids


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