Tiny meeker steroids

Fiber one cereal , mix 1 cup of the flake kind , 1/2
Cup the as I call rabbit food kind lol , then slice up a banana and eat one bowl every day , I choose it for my dinner because if I eat it for breakfast I would get bloated! Also , you can feel bloated when you first begin , it’s your body getting use to that much fiber. But I before I would go maybe every two weeks and would even start to lose my appetite , can’t keep putting in if nothing coming out! So if and when I do bloat a little , it’s nothing like I was everyday since I had my daughter who is now 19! I pray this helps you! Oh and the doctor said I had IBS , well I was determined to not take another pill and my whole family takes pills because they were told oh it’s just IBS …. ya so decided to find a more natural way to fix this and it worked!

Tiny meeker steroids

tiny meeker steroids


tiny meeker steroidstiny meeker steroidstiny meeker steroidstiny meeker steroidstiny meeker steroids