Tren prohormone vs trenbolone

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Of course, this is largely conjecture, since neither trenbolone nor a precursor to it has ever been on the supplement market before… or has it?
A few years ago ALRI released an encapsulated product called “Methoxy TRN”, advertised as containing “17b-methoxytrienbolone”. This was quickly pulled from the shelves soon after its release, leaving only a few highly-collectable bottles and a reputation for tremendous strength and size gains and roadmap vascularity. This supplement was tested in 2008, and the researchers discovered the tell-tale mass spectra of trenbolone (and no sign of the advertised methoxy group). [8] Subsequent testing by Patrick Arnold has shown that the Methoxy TST product advertised as containing “17b-methoxytrienosterone” also contained trenbolone. [9]

Tren prohormone vs trenbolone

tren prohormone vs trenbolone


tren prohormone vs trenbolonetren prohormone vs trenbolonetren prohormone vs trenbolonetren prohormone vs trenbolonetren prohormone vs trenbolone