Ulisses junior steroids

Hello Ulysses I just read your story and I’m impressed I’m six foot five I have a physique with a 38-inch waist line I know yours in Arnolds is much smaller. similar to that of yours and Arnold’s without the muscularity as in debt I began weight training at the age of 30 before then most people thought I was a bodybuilder because I was thin muscular tone and Define. I’ve never taken anything I’ve always exercise since I was age 12 and I would like to meet you someday, because I would like for you to train me I would like to work for you, get my picture my name and look out there as a natural older male fit black male. although I’m not a bodybuilder I’ve been told that I could be a dark complexion Dwayne Johnson but although I’m not as muscular as Dwayne Johnson or you because I don’t work out like him or you, but I do have a similar physique. People think I am please contact me. I will tell you that I have always been told I could be a model and that I’m in the wrong line of work but I never had a support team nor anyone to really push me nor the way to go I do not think that is over it is over for me because I think in maturity I have gotten better and wiser as I’ve gotten a little older. thank you for reading my comments and I hope to meet you one day although I think it’s probably going to be a one-in-a-million life chance . my dream will to meet you Ulisses jr. As well as Arnold Schwarzenegger was also one of my idols like yourself and the late surge nubret Jack LaLanne was also an Idol that I admire that’s where I really got more health-conscious growing up and been that way every since now. Now with all that said why do the media have to put Superstars like yourself and movie stars in the face of the public when all of you have a special diet and special training and hard work that you put in because it’s your lifestyle but what about introducing the public to a normal person like myself who has a regular job regular lifestyle and just loves to work out and eat right I think this will sell more and people can relate better so please I look to hear from you and i would like to work under your guidance. Be well

Ulisses junior steroids

ulisses junior steroids


ulisses junior steroidsulisses junior steroidsulisses junior steroidsulisses junior steroidsulisses junior steroids